Aspects of Life in The Southlands

Through the river, through the sands, through the blood that feeds the hands…. adventures in this campaign will be based in the desert and fertile region of Nuria Natal, but know ye well that the continent is vast, with its varied influences sometimes keenly felt.



The Kingdom of Nuria Natal is based around the magical waters of the River Nuria which tumble from the WELL OF URD to the BLACK LOTUS MESA and carve a snaking path through the sandy rock along Midgard’s most powerful LEY LINE to the great Middle Sea.

It is a land of ancient history, defined by the power of past God-Kings building great resurrection tomb-engines to ensure that their power could be summoned whenever needed. Nowhere else in Midgard do an area’s Gods take such an active part and for this reason, divinations are stronger, religious cults are more powerful, and gods in disguised mortal form engage priests in discussions of dogma, mystery and philosophy.


There are many cults throughout the land but three of the most potent are the Cult of Anu-Akma, god of the dead; the Cult of Bastet, goddess of cats and hunters; and the Cult of Thoth-Hermes, god of learning and patron of the River Nuria.

The Cult of Anu-Akma

This cult is spread throughout all of the main cities of Nuria Natal and is led by former God-King Sut-Akhamen, Mummy Cleric of Anu-Akma. Although the actions and teachings of the head of this cult sometimes seem to be at odds with the rulings of the living God-King, Thutmoses the 23rd, the death-priests whisper that the God-King’s plans are merely concerned with the present moment, whereas their dictates take into consideration the journey of all souls within Time Eternal.

Due to the all encompassing reality of Life and Death, and because the main purpose of the Cult of Anu-Akma is to transport people’s souls into the afterlife with dignity, this cult is well supported in all regions of Nuria Natal, no matter which particular God holds sway. Blinking statues of carved black granite watch over its temples and its priests mainatin sacred menageries that are filled with sacrificial beasts for the faithful.

Anu-Akma is the God of the Underworld, The Judge of the Dead, King of Jackals and Patron of Gnolls and Ghouls. His domains are Death, Earth, Law, Protection and Travel and his honoured weapons are the flail and the scythe.

The Cult of Thoth-Hermes

This cult is concerned mainly with the gathering and preservation of knowledge and communing with the World Serpent Ouroborus. It is a cult that reaches far outside the realms of Nuria Natal, into the warring kingdoms of the Seven Cities and beyond, to the fair City of Bemmea in Allain, where knowledge and magic are held in high reverence. The cult’s acolytes, scribes and priest-warriors are seekers of deeper truth and monastic order.

Books and libraries are held sacred and protected but some radical sects within the cult go even further than mere guardianship. These secret cabals all claim the holy quest of finding the lost Emerald Tablets of Wisdom and will stop at nothing in their search to find them, plundering even the tombs of their sacred God-Kings if they think such desecration will lead them on their path to Divine Wisdom.

Thoth-Hermes is the God of Knowledge and Learning, the Creator of Language, the Patron of Scholars and Thieves and the Patron of the Magocracy of Allain. His domains are Knowedge, Magic, Rune, Travel and Trickery and his honoured weapons are the staff and the dagger.

The Cult of Bastet

This cult is centred in the great city of Per-Bastet and is led by the Reborn Queen-Goddess Meshkhenit, risen great grandmother of King Thutmoses, ruler of all Nuria Natal; and High Priestess Nafrini, werepanther Cleric of Bastet. The cult is both evangelical, travelling throughout the lands of Nuria Natal to promote the status of their Goddess and her endorsement of hunting and all things pleasurable; and insular, keeping sacred the secrets of the City of Per-Bastet, where the Goddess of Cats is known to walk freely among her subjects.

The Cult within the city of Per-Bastet is organised from the DOME OF THE DIVINE FACE OF BASTET and under the High Priestess, the clergy’s hierachy is ever changing and quite complex. However, although all clerics of the cult are female, followers are drawn from all walks of life and are unified in their love for their goddess and their common goal: to promote Per-Bastet as a refuge for those who revere their patroness.

Bastet is the Goddess of Cats, the Queen of Perfumes, the Bastard Child of Aten, the Mother of Alchemy and the Wife of Anu-Akma. Her domains are Alchemy, Cat, Charm, Moon, Hunting and Sun and her honoured weapons are the temple sword and the bladed scarf.

Deities and Powers:

The main Gods of Nuria Natal are listed in Deities and Powers as Anu-Akma, Aten, Bastet, Horus, Ninkash and Thoth-Hermes, but there are other Gods that have influence in the area such as Isis, the Goddess of Love and Mercy, Ptah, the God of the Southlands Dwarves, Mbanu, the God of Craftsmen, and Sabateus, the Lord of the Stars and Planets. Equally, as in the North, there are also Dark Gods, and these include Set, the God of Chaos and Destruction, Aposis, the Chaos Serpent and Lord of Crocodiles, Baal-Hotep, the Supreme Fire Dragon, and Nakresh the Many Handed, patron of Thieves and Tomb Robbers.


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