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Schmidt Happens by Mike Mumah

Commissioned artwork for “SCHMIDT HAPPENS” by artist Mike Mumah

Reflections on Zobeck and Lecova


The forest could be a way… A massive siphon of magical power, stored over centuries…. But it has a sentience and reaches into you. How do you preserve your integrity against it? I will not have been the first to realise this… I shall need to be stronger, research all I can find on it. But if one could tap that power, they would be unassailable.

The ley line by the river, no coincidence that a magical beast was there, an undead animated by the place. Perhaps in future it is better to travel away from such paths, lest my more gung-ho companions lead us into danger. 10 Honour Points awarded

Lord Flasheart:

Bloody hell, a bushy beard was one thing but this was getting ridiculous! Flasheart observed his reflection in the mirror and laughed. Might as well see if he could make it work for him. He was pretty sure that the local Druid chapter had some rather fetching half elf ladies that might appreciate his new look.

Adventure was more precarious than he had imagined. A straight up fight was one thing but he and his comrades had faced everything from swarms to hollow men. People had died. He needed to be better. He would be better. He had lost his family once. He would not lose this one. 10 Honour Points awarded

Spikey Jonze:

This old house gets really dusty but I can keep it clean and safe. This attic window is great for checking out Wheatsheaf Lane – spotted those Spyglass critters a mile off. That Truman Click’s a real swell guy and a mean whistler too.

At least being here keeps me out of the Redcloaks tails, and that ale at the Wheatsheaf is pretty cool. Maybe if I keep the place tidy and safe, they might even let me come with them on an adventure. No Honour Points awarded

Truman Click:

First concert with the band and I fluffed a flute solo. Rava help me, but I never want to experience that sort of embarrassment again. I don’t think I’ll be spending too much time at those baths. A bit wet for my gears but also such a parcel of rogues….. Hmmnn, nice phrase for a song!

That forest was a bit debilitating. Thank Rava for Ana’s constant mending, without which I should be feeling like a Geargrinder’s nightmare. Now this gift of Elric’s needs some time and devotion. Already, I feel I am playing it better, but I could do with some expert tuition. I may see about that….. No Honour Points awarded


What can I say, I bathed in the fame of our band of merry minstrels for a time but the limelight has never really been my thing. I might get a mask for the next performance and build my mystique. It was good to have a place to go back to and relax that wasn’t full of loud mouthed drunken idiots, well maybe one… but he’s our loud mouthed drunken idiot.

I thoroughly enjoyed being back in the underbelly of society for a time. The black markets of towns like this used to be my second home, though without so many ghouls. That Underhill bloke wasn’t too bad though nice firm (if slightly slimy) handshake. Nearly dying at the hands of crossbow wielding spyglass folk wasn’t that much fun, though I did try to reason with them but it’s quite hard to reason with a crossbow bolt at your jugular (How do you kill a circus… go for the Juggler! … well what do you expect, I’m a dancer not a bloody comedian).
All that over a stupid book we should have burnt the damn thing and been done with it! 10 Honour Points awarded


Friends and Acquaintances:

Communication with contacts in six weeks after Hommnal’s Roof Garden Episode.

Gustav Reinke – Arcael – Will meet up for coffee every week and impart knowledge on ancient times. His grandson is sick with measles.
Pai – Arcael – She invites him to a party of purebloods. Not the kind of high status he would prefer. He meets a good cobbler though, who offers excellent rates.

Arius Heritage – Anastrianna – He is off duty for a week and contacts Ana for some drinking sessions at The Wheatsheaf – He tells of increased trade from the Magdar down south and they tell him there are more skirmishes than usual at the Mharoti Border.
Celia Black – Anastrianna – If he looks her up, he will learn that Ilyana secretly took a boat out of town going downriver toward Runkelstad.

Tovrin Darnel – Arca Domina – Lets Arca know that the Spyglass Guild are no longer bothered with the party. They are still looking for Lady Marack. (Taken by Ghouls). Grigori still in hiding. Cloven Nine are happy that they got the book.
Nadran Gonesk – Arca Domina – They meet up for a chit-chat! Business as usual. News from home is that more women are being conscripted due to increase in border skirmishes with Mharoti Empire.

Simon Taylor – Lord Flasheart – Grigori is still in hiding from Spyglass Guild. He is a good guy, and if he says he would make something worthwhile, he will …. When he can! He hears that Lady Marack’s been kidnapped and the underworld are demanding a ransom – but it’s not The Cloven Nine!
Angus Short – Lord Flasheart – Will meet for a quick coffee. Asks about Truman Click. Geargrinders’ Guild still churning out a new Gearforged every month. Business as usual in the City.

Deslan Cooke – Yander – comes round to visit Yander on one of his days off. Has heard “through the grapevine” (friend of Captain Hendryk) that Yander has been to the Cartways and is worried that his old friend might be mixed up in something bad. If you are ever in with the wrong crowd too deep and need some help from the City Watch, let him know and he’ll do what he can….within the law.
Ellese Callesh – Yander – she has not heard much of Ilyana’s story but can report that a couple of underworld characters have been asking her what Yander is like. She told them nothing. The only poison she can get hold of at the moment is Shadow Fey Sleep Poison – 1/min for 2 min DC14 Unconscious for 1 min or 2d4 hrs Cure 1 Save Cost: 75 GP per dose.

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