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Commissioned artwork for “ARCAEL AND THE OOOZE” by artist Mike Mumah

Campaign Progress:

Campaign start: Year One: Early Summer – establish group and home
Mid Summer: Everyone Lies and Hollow
Late Summer: To The Edge of The World – Major lineup change.
Early Autumn: The Honey Queen
Mid Autumn: Rust
Arcael and Truman Click leave Schmidt Happens to form Arcael and The Oooze.
Yuletide Adventure: Mayhem Behind Demon Mountain
Late winter: Challenge of The Fang
Still Late Winter: The Fish and The Rose
Travel to Nuria Natal will be in the spring!

Current Band Members

Gordon – Arcael – Human Sorcerer, perform skill Singer and Orator – Deity: Khors, STATUS: 17
Lewis – Iwandornless Walderin – Gearforged Fighter, perform skill Singer – Deity: Rava, STATUS: 7
Graeme – Goran – Elfmarked Rogue, perform skill Dancer – Deity: Rava, STATUS: 4
Morrison – Bartiman Greenbough – Human Druid, perform skill Wind – Deity: Pantheist/Nature, STATUS: 6
Matt – Saabu Theet – Nkosi Cleric, perform Skill not known – Deity: Thoth-Hermes, STATUS: 6

Halls of the Honoured Dead



Historical Writings of the Venerable Bede



Welcome to Zobeck

It is many months since Schmidt Happens started their adventures in THE CITY OF GEARS. Now, with spring approaching, Arcael and The Oooze have completed The Challenge of The Fang and await new adventures in the world of Midgard….


Commissioned artwork for “SCHMIDT HAPPENS” by artist Mike Mumah

PC Horizons

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