Nuria Natal

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Nuria Natal

Ancient and numinous, vast and expansive, the great lands across the Middle Sea abound with both riches and danger; from the mouth of the Divine River Nuria and forgotten tombs of the Sarklan Desert, to the tall grass savannahs of lost cities and fierce warriors, and the tropical jungles surrounding the extra planer Well of Urd, the land once known as GLORIOUS UMBUSO is a place of high adventure shrouded in MYSTERIA, the most ancient region of which, is reknowned throughout Midgard and its name whispered in awe as “Nuria Natal”.



“Mushanu, my esteemed friends! Hello! A thousand welcomes!

“So, you seek the Southlands? Excellent choice. There you’ll find danger, mystery, and probable death … but, oh, the riches! So many, many riches. “You’ll find riches in the Southlands’ tombs, ensconced in deserts no adventurers were meant to plunder. There are riches in lost cities, nestled in savannahs best left alone. And there are riches deep in the jungles, obscured with ancient magics and protected by deadly guardians. Ah, yes, more has been lost in those lands than has ever been discovered elsewhere, but don’t think these riches are easily had."

“Consider yourselves warned: the Southlands guard secrets with a fierce grip. There are skin-stealing gnolls, swarms of wasp-buzzing tosculi bent on destroying civilization, a city of demon-princes, and that’s just the start. Only the most determined survive in these lands—but if you’re sure you want to seek fortune and fame here, then may the gods of Nuria Natal watch over you."
“Oh, my friends, I shall be so pleased to celebrate your success should you return. And if you should not … well, at least you were amply warned!”
(Samad el-Faisal, Guide)

Introduction to the Southlands Campaign

Windows to Nuria Natal

Visit The Garden City of Siwal…



First Arabian Adventure: Oasis of the Blood Moon
Second Arabian Adventure: Bottled Desire
Third Arabian Adventure: The Sand Pirates
Fourth Arabian Adventure: The Lost Library of Thoth
Fifth Arabian Adventure: The Gravebinder’s Daughter
Sixth Arabian Adventure: Tomb of the Elephant God
Seventh Arabian Adventure: Pyramid of Black Sands

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Nuria Natal

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