Nine Mage Council

Details on the Ninemage Council:

The Ninemage Council is governed from the Great Tower in Bemmea.

Exarch Vermes II has been head of the council for over 350 years. (LE Male Tiefling Archmage)
Other illustrious members include:
Erramun the Sleepless (LE MaleTiefling Wizard/Cleric of Hecate)
Elder Arch Kallimachus (N Male Human Wizard/Cleric of Serastra)
Feywarden Second Prime Cothwidden (LN Male Tiefling Wizard/Fighter)
Teth Rangeska (CN Female Wizard)
Malkot Ebonstaff (LN Male Human Wizard)
Jacen the Paper Master (LG Male Human Wizard)
Andress the Ageless (CN Male Human Wizard Archmage)
The Ninth Mage is currently unknown to all but Vermes II and Erramun the Sleepless – Arcael Rennaus is currently unnamed and takes the place of Thelosiphus Duchang, whose death has not yet been reported.

Erramun the Sleepless NE Male Tiefling Wizard (10)/Cleric (10) [Hecate] befriended Arcael at the time of his marriage and offered his country estate for Arcael and Pai’s honeymoon. A good new friend and supporter of Arcael’s rise to the Council.

It is not known how, but it is rumoured among the very wise that Exarch Vermes II gains his long life through the power of Sutemamel. Indeed, Vermes II knows that the Bloodline of Arcael Rennaus was procured through a secretive sexual encounter between Sutemamel and Arcael’s mother, and it is for this reason that Vermes II has accepted the suggestion of Erramun the Sleepless that Arcael take the place of the deceased Thelosiphus Duchang.

Exarch Vermes II can communicate directly with Arcael through Sutemamel but this is avoided unless there is no other method, because other great powers keep a watch on the divine and arcane links between Sutemamel and mortals, particularly the dragon deities of Azuran of the Four Winds.

Behind all the worldly struggles of the peoples of the continent and the advancement of the Mharoti empire, there are otherworldly forces at play, concerning the future of the world, that not even its rulers are aware of. The Ninemage Council seeks to penetrate some of these great mysteries, but in doing so must operate extremely secretively, due to the extent of great deities and powers involved in such things.

Nine Mage Council

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