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  • Truman Click

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 15*%
    *Gift of Babushka: [[Stories Wolves Tell]]*
    *HISTORY:* Truman Click was made in the Gear District of Zobeck 12 years ago at the expense of the Church of Rava. He served diligently in that church, …

  • Ellese Callesh

    Having once been a healer in service to the Golden Temple of Lada, Ellese became involved in the buying and selling of Black Market goods through some of her patients at the temple. With her high charisma and her _Haunted_ oracle curse dictating minor …

  • Wasimah The Eldest

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 8*% Wasimah specialises in the Cults of Siwal - not only those of Thoth-Hermes. She is well respected, even by the high ranking priests, who will often refer to her for her knowledge of cults and practices of various …

  • Temel

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 15*% Temel regularly attends the Church of Aten but is a devout disciple of Anu-Akma, being a prominent member of the cult. Not everybody likes him, but all can agree that he is an expert interpreter of The Law, and for …

  • Mr Swing

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 6*% Mr Swing is quite ornately dressed with some good quality robes and sandles. He usually carries a Staff with him. He will usually be found on duty at the Private Lodgings in the Triolan Quarter.

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