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  • Sir Renly of St Rosinade

    Intelligent Nodachi Sword of the SERVITOR SPIRIT: Sir Renly Baratheon, Knight of St Rosinade, of the Order of Mavros. *Nodachi + 1/+ 3 v Dragons and Drakes* %{color:purple}*EGO 7, Int: 13; Wis: 10; Cha 7*% *CL 11* ALIGNMENT: LN BANE v Dragons and …

  • Book of Vael Turog

    Origins of the Book of Vael Turog are unknown. There are vague notes about it in some old Caelmaran writings and it was said to have been used by Arcanists in the Citadel of its name during the time of the Black Revolt, but it is also believed that the …

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