• Incendarius

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 8*% A lone figure rose again after stumbling, tripping and falling in the fresh, deep snow as he made his way through the bleak expanse. It was unnoticed by all but the gods in this frozen abyss. Volund watched this mortal …

  • Taurus

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 6*% Taurus is a relative newcomer to SCHMIDT HAPPENS, having joined the group at the Isle of Karn'lothra when his ship was destroyed by UNDEAD. He has not had time to make too many friends but has befriended a visitor of …

  • Brandon Kane

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 9*% Although Brandon Kane has not been too long in Zobeck, he has made friends with WHEATSHEAF TAVERN barfly, [[:simon-taylor]] and may be in "danger" of befriending [[:ellese-callesh]].

  • Old Ben Gone

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 5*% Although Old Ben is new to the Town of Zobeck, he has already established a good relationship with Zobeck's most eminent cheesemonger, [[:charles-cheddar]]. h4. Background: Old Ben Gone is derived from treasure …

  • Kotira

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 10*% Carry on with Background History here..... You can put BASIC STATS and CHARACTER FEAT MAP etc. underneath (even Eidolon stuff) or you can put stuff in the PLAYER SECRET section below.

  • Arenicus

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 7*% Fav Class +1 Skill/Lev Skills: 2 + INT + FavCls = 7 per Lev Class Skills: Appraise, Craft, Fly, Knowledge, Linguistics, Profession and Spellcraft Add 2 spells to Spellbook at each Level Increase Born in the …

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