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  • Anastrianna

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 5*% *BACKGROUND:* Anatstrianna was born in Zobeck to a poor butcher father from Lower Zobeck who married a young elfmarked woman from the Margreve. While still young, Anastrianna used to earn extra pocket money by hunting …

  • Ellese Callesh

    Having once been a healer in service to the Golden Temple of Lada, Ellese became involved in the buying and selling of Black Market goods through some of her patients at the temple. With her high charisma and her _Haunted_ oracle curse dictating minor …

  • Goran

    h3. %{color:purple}*STATUS: 5*%
    *Gift of Babushka: [[Stories Wolves Tell]]*
    *High Orcacle Gift: Permanent MINUS ONE to saves added/ Alignment Changed* *HONOUR POINT GIFT AT LEVEL 10* *2 x Short Sword +2 Adamantine* (Parting gift …

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