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  • Inhabitants

    h1. Inhabitants %{color:purple}*_In all the lands of Midgard are the variations of the races of the South most vivid. Spread throughout such a vast continent, there are some groups almost totally unknown to the people of the Northlands._*% h2. …

  • Southlife

    h1. Aspects of Life in The Southlands
    %{color:purple}*Through the river, through the sands, through the blood that feeds the hands.... adventures in this campaign will be based in the desert and fertile region of Nuria Natal, but know ye well …

  • Locations

    h1. Locations %{color:purple}*_Of all the cities of the world, are those of Nuria Natal among its people most proud. And outside the relative safety of the cities lie places of mystery and dread._*% h2. Cities _The major cities of Nuria Natal …

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