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  • Letters to Arcael

    h2. [[Letters from Baron Tigo Rennaus]] h2. [[Letters to Baron Tigo Rennaus]] h2. [[Letters from other Dignitaries]]

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  • Letters from Baron Tigo Rennaus

    h2. Second Letter from Father (After [[Rust]]) _Dearest Arcie_ _The Lady Estrei and I both thank thee heartily for your last letter. Personally, I was overjoyed to hear that you have built some skills in the science of the Ley Line. Much …

  • Letters to Baron Tigo Rennaus

    h2. Letter to Father (After arrival in Siwal) _Dear Father,_ _Under the zenith of a desert moon an undead’s flesh appears almost blue, blanched and spilt blood is a black slick, living eyes glitter with humors, dead ones not at all. The shades and …

  • Nine Mage Council

    Details on the Ninemage Council: The Ninemage Council is governed from the Great Tower in Bemmea. *Exarch Vermes II* has been head of the council for over 350 years. (LE Male Tiefling Archmage) Other illustrious members include: Erramun the …

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