Campaign of the Month: May 2016


Dancing In The Dark
Shadow Demon Encounter


The summoning of the Shadow Demon was a predestined effect of failing the Test of Thoth re: balanced judgement of facts without bias toward emotion. The way I played this was as below:
Cast Deeper Darkness, choose a victim likely to have a slightly lower will save (fighter or rogue – random roll designated Goran), Roll 50% miss chance to be able to touch Goran from under the floor, Will save to avoid possession. Goran succumbed.

Iron Wall bravely fought and did very well. As soon as Goran was possessed, he was destined to die unless expelled by Sunburst, Sunbeam or similar. I limited the Shadow Demon by not giving him his normal options of summon other demon (instead he used the lesser power of Shadow Conjuration ). I also excluded Telekinesis and Greater Teleport and allowed him only one casting of Deeper Darkness (normal ability is “at will”).

The death of Iron Wall was tragic but dramatic and you all did well to put the demon down so quickly after the death of the two characters. Fortunately your Raise Dead scroll was able to restore Goran and it seems that Lewis is quite keen on starting a new character for the next campaign session. Well done everybody!

Are we Human? Or are we Dancer?
Plane Speech


Zepti: These mortals always get so emotional when it comes to moral judgements, don’t they?
Tehut: Well, at least we know the gate is working well, but honestly, I really do HATE letting those shadow demons in here.
Zepti: Staff and Dagger, Brother, Staff and Dagger!
Tehut: By the 150 Sacred Rituals….
Zepti: Oooh, I feel a tingle at the gate again. Looks like Anu-Akma’s returned one of the packages.
Tehut: Which one?
Zepti: Are we human? Or are we dancer?
Tehut: Bit of a brute, that one. Almost looked as though he enjoyed being possessed.
Zepti: “Ours not to reason why…..”
Tehut: I know, I know….Book of Starry Wisdom, Chapter 4, page 3, paragraph 6.
Zepti: Well, time for light and mirrors!

A conversation from another plane


Zepti and Tehut are two lesser acolytes of Thoth-Hermes, once known throughout the Southern Lands as Thoth. Their charge is the implementation of Thoth’s will in an abandoned library, deep within the Sarklan Desert:

Zepti: Wake up. There’s someone here.
Tehut: What? Are you sure? Aw no! It was that librarian subject of yours, wasn’t it?
Zepti: But she didn’t know where ….
Tehut: Well, someone found out!
Zepti: Probably those scrolls you left in the Library of Bemmea. These guys have a distinctly “northern” feel about them.
Tehut: Are all the tests in place?
Zepti: Of course! And there’s a symbol carrier with this lot.
Tehut: Well, I suppose that gives them a chance….. but look what happened to the last one.
Zepti: Hey, these guys have got instruments with them.
Tehut: Instruments? What kind?
Zepti: Musical. Musical instruments.
Tehut: Maybe they’ll sing their way out.
Zepti: We’ll see about that. Have you checked the gates?
Tehut: All working.
Zepti: Good. Well, let’s get to it then. May the moon’s light be upon you.
Tehut: And the Power of the Staff Guide you.
Zepti: ….and them.
Tehut: What?
Zepti: ….and them. You know, the musicians.
Tehut: Ah, yes. Why not.
Zepti: Ready then?
Tehut: Yes.
Zepti: Then let us begin!

Research, and the path before us.


Looking into the great hall Arcael recalled the words of the teacher-priest he questioned: “Thrice-great Thoth-Hermes, in his ibis aspect, is the god of magic; when wearing the celestial disc upon his head-dress he controls the cycles of time and the seasons…”

The door could only be opened upon a specific day, a full moon. This was congruent with his realm of power.

“…He is the weigher of hearts, guide and reckoner of the dead. He can appear as a baboon and in his human forms he can be male or female, aspects of his role as the god of equilibrium and a mediator in disputes between the other gods, ensuring that neither good nor evil are ever triumphant. He is master of all knowledge as well as moral and divine law.”

A guide, and judge, to the dead… Given the local culture’s predilection for undeath we had best be prepared for them. His role as a god of balance also has aspects of mortals knowing ‘their place and limits’. Tales are told of the terrible fate of those that accessed knowledge meant only for the gods, some eternally cursed for their hubris. This is linked to his writing of the ‘moral and divine laws’, interesting.

Well Thoth I am no normal mortal…

Thoth’s hermetic works, in particular deals with the conjuring of spirits and the animation of statues before moving on to the art of imprisoning the souls of demons and angels within statues.

We should assume all the statues are potentially hostile or here to test us…

The teacher-priest was unskilled at evasion and Arcael recalled his visible consternation at mention of ‘the Emerald Tablet’. The priest ended the conversation there and then and Arcael was escorted from the library by two guards. Interesting. Knowledge forbidden to outsiders. The N’kosi also mentioned certain lore that he could not copy. We shall see. What price clues to a work of secrets written by Thoth-Hermes himself? Or even lore, possibly not meant for mortals to access?

Arcael smiled, caution and patience would be called for. The corpse at the front entrance was testament to the fate of the unworthy, but Arcael was resolved to explore and be alert to, every opportunity to acquire greater power.

A Bee Eater Lands on the Balcony...


I’m sure you’ll already have heard of Il Zawbaa Saia’s display at the city limits the other day.

After being tasked by Marakesh to bring him the Sand Ship the ‘Winds Mistress’ we ran afoul of Il Zawbaa Saia on our way back to the city. We later found out he’d sent his Mephit spies watch us and tell him when we’d found the ship. We were unaware the Genie that was bound to ship was in fact Il Zawbaa Saia’s long lost love Nadirah and having being cursed into his present form, he’s actually been roaming the desert for centuries looking for her. I kid you not.

He mercifully spared our lives for our part in reuniting them, giving us little time to grab our gear and get off the ship before tore it apart from within and broke the bonds that have held his love for so long. Reunited and released from the curse, he thanked us and we watched the two lovers walk into the winds before the mighty maelstorm dissipated in front of our eyes as if it had never been there at all. It truly was a moment of marvel.

On our return we managed to convince Marakesh that this could work in his favour still, having rid the city of the maelstrom forever, and the slaying of the Sand Corsairs the desert trade routes are the safest they’ve been in hundreds of years; so all was not lost.

We’re helping a family friend of Arcael’s with some research at an ancient site somewhere outside the city over the next couple of weeks, so I’ll get in touch when we get back. Hope all is well with you.


Yo Ho-Ho


Goran sat on the edge of the docks, his feet dangling above the sands. He had captured a taste for the sand sailing. Before coming to Siwal the only ships he had known were the slave powered warships of the Ruby Despotate. They had fought off a Kraken and yet that display of the dangers of the desert gave him no pause.
He thought of the fun they could have had sailing the sands for a while. Running wild. Perhaps this group’s ideals weren’t ideal when it came to what Goran wanted. First the fountain given away, ok at a hefty sum, but he was sure he could have kept it in check. The mistress will supply other opportunities he supposed.
He could see the reasoning for releasing the entity bound to the ship. Binding is just another form of slavery after all and I guess every creature should have to chance for love. He sighed and clambered to his feet. He took a look back at the sands and threw his new tri-corner hat out from the dock.
“Well,” He sighed, “I guess I better tell that animal dealer that I won’t be needing that parrot”.

City-Guard reporting, Sir!



It was around mid-morning, the bazaars were already busy with people and that means pick-pockets, so I had my men deployed mainly to patrol the markets.

I received a report of a sand-storm coming in, but there was no real wind to speak of. I formed a patrol and as I reached the gate I could see it clearly. A spiral of sand and winds some three miles out of town. I could see the smashed remains of a sand-ship breaking up within the body of the storm. The remains of the bow were thrown high into the sky and spun down, shattering upon a rocky outcrop. I felt that nothing could have survived the storm or the impact. I was about to sound a storm alert when it then appeared to change course and moved further into the wastes leaving wreckage scattered in its wake.

A partol of ten, led by myself, mounted camels and headed out to investigate. As we approached the wreckage we could see a small group of five figures that had somehow survived. Two humans, an elf-blood, an N’kosi and a Gearforged, all foreigners and adventurers, all without a scratch. We searched the area and there was no sign of any of the ship’s cargo or crew amongst the wreckage.

The adventurers requested to see Ramon Marakesh who had apparently hired them to re-take the ship from pirates, ‘The Wind’s Mistress’. I have taken the name plate from the wreckage and have confirmed that the ship was formerly a wanted pirate vessel. We detained the adventurers briefly on suspicion of involvement in piracy until Ramon Marakesh confirmed that he had indeed hired the adventurers for this purpose.

Further questioning of the adventurers relating to the crew, in particular the ship’s captain, Asad al Nar. The adventurers stated that they had slain the captain and crew when attacked by the vessel. The djinn bound to the ship transferred command to the gear-forged when Asad was slain and they were discussing how to transfer ownership of the vessel back to Marakesh when a djinn in the form of a storm came and destroyed the ship to free the djinn bound to the ship, a long-lost love apparently.

I found this fanciful tale suspicious and so I questioned the group further, they stated that the pirates had secreted their booty somewhere in the deep desert as there was none on the ship. I found the adventurers did not seem too disappointed about this which leaves me suspicious. However unless some divination magic is utilised I fear we will not learn the truth of this.

Ramon Marakesh appears happy with the outcome stating that both a terrible pirate and the maelstrom will no longer pose a threat to sand-ships plying the deep desert. It would appear that the adventurers have done some good if this is the case Sir, but I remain unconvinced.

Guard-Captain Afiz

Captain, my Captain!


After his successful negotiation with Il Zawbaa Saia (“the bad sandstorm”), Arcael was feeling pretty good with himself. Bartiman Greenbough was doing well too. Iwandornless Walderin (Iron Wall)’s powerful prayer had saved him from the terrible beak of the SALT KRAKEN. Goran was also feeling smugly satisfied with life. He had a powerful magic ring and he was getting closer to being an accepted member of The Sand Corsairs. Even the devout priest, Saabu Theet was jubilant. Cassandra Per-Aten was not only beautiful, but she also commanded respect in the Library, and was finding out some very important information about deeply religious subjects close to his heart.

The cry from the crow’s nest that wakened the sleeping Goran and heralded sight of The Wind’s Mistress seemed to make all those Endure Elements spells worthwhile. As the Sirocco and The Wind’s Mistress rushed toward each other in a whirlwind of sand, they rose into the air another twenty feet above normal and engaged over the sweltering sands.

Stealthily ….and, let’s face it, bravely….Goran sneaked across the deck of the enemy ship and despatched the enlarged Sorcerer before he could even unleash his fire spells. The same could not be said for Arcael, who started depleting enemy numbers with his carefully aimed Fireballs. When Captain Asad al Nar appeared, he quickly crippled Goran with his “improved two weapon fighting slayer’s feint” and manoeuvred himself to engage with Iron Wall. Iron Wall was as a construct of chaos to his faltering enemies and although Captain Asad feared nothing, he could make no serious impact on the heavily armoured fighter priest.

On the other ship, that had earlier been boarded by the pirates, Bartiman now reigned hugely supreme, knocking his enemies off the deck of the ship like bottles off a wall, the huge bear-druid left Arcael hovering in the air delivering precision spells and jumped onto the ship to help Iron Wall defeat the enemy captain. They squeezed and he popped! Iron Wall delivered the killing blow, thus becoming captain with the beautiful bound djinni Nadirah binding herself to his service.

Oooooh, there’s gonna be a lot to discuss!

A Close Run Thing.


A cursed place, a wasteland beaten and raked by a desiccating heat, its rocks cracked and flaked into razored shapes untouched by the slightest dew. A fitting place for the punishment of a cursed kraken, hellish and hateful, its salted stench still assailed the area, its melted arms and tentacles now contorted shapes, blackened and shrunken, their armour of salt-crystals having fallen away.

The sand ship got smoothly underway, gliding into the approaching night. Structurally damage was minimal, the morale of the crew however had taken a battering. Two sailors had been taken but the beast would know better than to tangle with them again, a poor trade for a tale to tell and a greater reputation. The druid was lucky, the gods surely looking out for him.

Greenbough and the others were taking on water, their injuries had left them dangerously dehydrated. A large circular suction injury marred his shoulder where the beast had grasped him, attempting to pull him under the sands. From his time under a silver smir of sand and salt had coated him, a crust punctuated only by the red wetness of numerous cuts and wounds.

For once Goran was serious, still and thoughtful, fingering his invisibility ring whilst he scanned the ground below the ship. Ironwall was kneeling attending to a broken railing as if it were an injury to the ship itself while Saabu sombrely prepared to invoke Thoth-Hermes. All were injured.

Shadows were claiming the landscape below the horizon and a sky incapable of rain was changing into open naked night, the only beauty in this place. Arcael was reminded of the cursed and blasted lands of his home and the vast abominations that claimed it.

This place would be good training.

A run in with a Sarlacc
Bruised Dignity


This ship was younger than the last, it’s blast furnace was far livelier. Only recently having gained partial sentience it’s thoughts were erratic, full of nonsense. The results of this were sudden bursts of speed every so often, slowly turning Bartiman positively green. He kept muttering along the lines of the ground being the only true way to move arround  with solid, proper dirt between your claws and the sun being unnatural in this part of the world. Foresters, pha no interest in real works of art, to fly without wings, or the closest thing too it thought Walderin. That and this extra light was doing wonders for the newly installed Divinity Crystal the Venerable One had installed deep within his chest to regulate the gathering magic within. Almost bursting with the loving dedication of the glorious powers of Rava.

A shuddering broke his contemplation of whimsy. Then a sickening squeal of pain and panic emanating throughout the decks as the ship stopped dead. Something had grabbed it.

Massive dark shapes erupted like Velfrey Worms from a festering sore all arround the ship. Two of these wormes grabbed Thalin and Kerd’rez, two deck hands that kept the keening ship looking new and smooth, before they could react and wrenched them overboard. A second later he dodged another arm and saw the Half God get grabbed. These went wormes, no they were arms, from some massive beast no doubt below the ship. Failing to slice his assaling testical as it made another pass for him he noted the Fire Lord running up the steps assessing the situation with those overly old eye’s of his. Seconds later he was dancing above the ship, a bird without wings, gathering a nimbus of flame arround himself. Swing, miss, Swing. Fwooom, a huge swathe of flame passed over two of the testicals incinerating them instantly. A sickening squelch as the grey looking Piccolo Leviathan crushed another with his mighty staff. The Small Shade started savaging another limb as a final gout of flame passed uncomfortably close to the hull. This caused the entire ship to lurch to the side, sending the already unstable Bartiman over the edge down towards the waiting maw below.

This caused a frantic flurry from the group. A massive ball of green, sickening sludge whammed into the partially revealed monstrosity awaiting below the sands exciting a wail of primal Rage. Goran threw a rope overboard towards the frantic scrabbling fingers of Bartiman just too late as he sank, below the unforgiving, penultimate sands. The power within Iwandornless was crying, screaming to be unleashed. A whispering of hope, redemption, salvation was just beyond the edge of the senses. Awaiting nought but the call to answer. A prayer, as he watched helplessly from the deck, simple and concise. Save him, this displaced forester, grant him reprieve. A surge of power rushed from the depths of his broken body. A heave from the sand, then a mighty gout of sand, slime and partially digested parts spewed fourth sending with them a bruised slime covered Bartiman careening into the still flying and thoroughly surprised Arcael.

A few days later Bartiman could be heard loudly examining that should they ever tell anyone of what transpired near the end, retribution would be swift.

A silent thanks to Rava, she of the workers, of the Iron Cog of industry. Let your perseverance in the ways keep me humble and dedicated in your mighty plan.

A dark haze haze appeared on the horizon, blotting out the sun as far as the eye could see. (to be continued :P)dun Dun DUUUNN


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