Campaign of the Month: May 2016


If music be the food of life play on.....
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Truman Click did not sleep but still he had cause to rest his gears. A devout servant of Rava and blower of the flute, he did not eat but his comrades did, and so he prepared for them a morning meal, setting table for each of them:
Arcael, arcane adept and orator extraordinnaire; Arca Domina, martial expert of the bow and ALL WOMAN dancer of the Perunalian type; Anastrianna, mistress of the blades and rhythmic tapper of the spoons and more; Lord Flasheart, charismatic Paladin of the West and magic manipulator of the strings; Yander, artful wielder of the knife and master of the step to accompany the Perunalian; ….and of course, Spikey Jonze, the newest companion, a wretched kobold bearing a most tragic tale, a single stringed gourd, and a voice that was the very anathema to song.

It was RENT DAY in number 10 Wheatsheaf Lane, and soon time to visit the Tavern! But breakfast first….Breakfast and a song!


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