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Release Release!

After more time in The Ghetto, the TRADE PERMITS arrive.


Arcael and the Oooze endure more hardships in the New Foreigners’ Ghetto. Place Holders in the queue are delayed for Not Bowing in the Presence of the Commissioner and things appear grim indeed until a secret night message from Truman Click offers a way out through the intervention of The Cold Diggers Union in return for a service. The group readily accept and the candle drake messenger carries the message back to their comrade outside the ghetto.

Goran is taken ill and moved to the infirmary and Karn Gudin is released, but the bothersome trollkin, Big Winnie accuses Arcael of molestation and demands JUSTICE!. A bout in the Arena is held the following day, with Xavier, now returned from the infirmary, chosen as the group’s gladiatorial representative. The loser will have to clean the Ghetto toilets for a week! Yeuurch! The group’s champion pounds the trollkin into unconsiousness within seconds and Saabu Theet channels energy under the false guise of AZURAN OF THE WESTERN WIND to bring Big Winnie back to consiousness. They all follow her to the toilets to gloat…and even add a few “nuggets” to the mess.

With the help of The Cold Diggers Union, the party eventually get their TRADE PERMITS and make their way to the Triolan Quarter, where they meet Krispy Dacon to learn of the service they must complete to repay their debt. "Get the scroll that Mustapha Ibrahim gives to Kamal Assante! But who IS Kamal Assante? Nobody seems to know….


‘There is always a useful purpose you could devote your time to.’

Arcael recalled his tutor’s words and smiled to himself, the time spent meditating in the ghetto had not been wasted. Unable to use his magic directly he had let his senses become accustomed the dragon-city. He sensed beyond the day to day sights, smells and noises, no matter how unpleasant and potentially distracting. He sensed beyond the lesser dragonfolk and the Kobaldi with their petty aping of the great wyrms. He sensed beyond the watchful and patrolling dragons that flew overhead or guarded the harbour. He sensed beyond even the most ancient and mighty rulers of this realm, proud, potent and deadly.

Arcael sensed the very Ouroboros itself.

From the Leviathan’s back Arcael had seen the coils of the great world-serpent, how many here could say that? They coiled around the edge of Midgard in endless circles that descended into the void.

Now Arcael felt the echo of that same serpent.

He felt the echo of fires that poured from the heart of the beast. He felt the echo of lightning and the storms that filled the skies. He felt the echo of its blood within the deep dark earth. He heard the echo of water and the relentless waves.

Arcael felt the echo of all of these things, and he took them for himself.

For as great as even the most powerful dragon was, humanity was stronger. Behind Arcael were the countless legions of humanity who would in time overcome even the mightiest of foes. The elves had tried to stop humanity from learning the secrets of the ley-lines and the magic of the land. They had failed. Now the mighty Dragon-Empire would give its secrets up unto him. And in time, it too would pass into history.

‘Spell-thief’ they shall call me in this land, for the breath of the dragon is now mine to command.

Release Release!


Release Release!
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