Campaign of the Month: May 2016


In the Ghetto

The wait for Trade Permits is often long and frequently delayed.


Arcael and The Oooze leave The Nautilus to start their long and painful induction in the New Foreigners’ Ghetto to await issue of their Trade Permits. All visiting Jambuka must endure this arduous process, but surprisingly, by some trumped up theft charge, the Edjet Dragonkin Karn Gudin is detained as well. “Most irregular!” Xavier, the barbarian, has been taken ill and has been forcably moved to the infirmary.

Rosa Klebb and her kobold servant Onzeen Orbeyes welcome the party and read out the Law of the Ghetto, a list of possible crimes and misdemeanours designed for easy arrest warrants. Some of these charges carry the Death Penalty, but most are dealt with by the Kangaroo Court of Delilah Ali, with punishments geared towards endless delay.

The group witness the severe punishment of Bingo the Gnome, meet a few unsavoury types like the trollkin, Big Winnie, who seems to take a strong dislike towards both Arcael and Goran; and Saabu Theet pretends to the worship of AZURAN (since the worship of non dragon gods carries the Death Penalty). Goran is arrested twice, once for “Disrespecting a Reptile” and the other for “Snivelling”. Karn Gudin turns out to be an excellent court representative in the halls of Delilah Ali, but the party are still detained for thirty days.

In the end of the session, violent rivalry with a group of Fanatical Devotees of LADA ends in conflict, with the party the victors, and the Priests of Lada awaiting judgement in the court. The wait continues…


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