Wolf Killer

+ 1 silver throwing axe

weapon (ranged)

This ancient magical weapon came into the hands of Bartiman Greenbough when he took it from the hands of a dying rider in The Old Margreve. Originally, it carried a Geas spell but that was transferred to the wielder and no longer exists on the weapon itself.


The axe is perfectly balanced for throwing but can be equally used as a melee weapon. This ancient slashing weapon does 1d6 damage in the hands of a medium sized wielder, has a distance increment of 10’ and a critical factor of x2. It has a + 1 enhancement and is slightly different from most silver weapons in that it was made with a special adamantine alloy to harden it so that it does not suffer the usual -1 penalty of normal silver weapons. As with most silver weapons, it bypasses the Damage Reduction of Lycanthropes.

The struggle between man and wolf has existed for many years and the origins of this weapon are not well known but it is certainly ancient and was probably crafted in the days of the Great Magocracies of the Western Kingdoms.

Wolf Killer

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