Teenage Rampage's Hoard


Kept Stuff
+2 Heavy Mace – Snivvlor
+1 Ornimental Ring of Protection – Jack of Badside Row
Old (Fancy Resistance Necklace +1) Litch Phalactery – Spinwind
+1 Std Leather Sni Ve-Lor
Old Wizard Equipment – Ornate Ring Squeek Squaker, Bracers Spinwind, Cloak Jack of Badside Row
Bag of Holding Type 1 (Paid for by treasure from Mon-Thu adventures)

Awaiting Claim

Party Split
07/06/2022 – 100gp = 20gp each
11/07/2022 – correction Total and split – 18360gp = 3000gp each 5 ways .
07/03/2023 – 7500gp = 1200gp each & 1500gp in safe

07/03/2023 – 1500gp in Safe (a small dragon somewhere is a little happy)

Safe is strong and well-hidden – this sum also covers the cost of RENT for one year!

Sold stuff
Various Scrolls of notice of malpractice – 500gp
Leviticus Margase’s Book of EVIL- 7000gp (was 10000gp but Squeek had to be raised by big boss Dacon at a massively reduced 3k)
Pay day for an old scroll – 9400gp (10000gp but -500gp for return of fancy vase -100gp advance payment)
shiny (Archaic )coin – 100gp
Shakti Symbol – 200gp
Dimond – 1000g
Orniment – 300gp
x4 Ointments – 400gp
+2 Gold Ceramonial dagger – 4160gp
Gold Statue – 500gp
4 X Field Plate + 1 OR 4 × 1200 GP (4 800) – Resale 2 400 GP*_
Scarab Brooch – 200gp


Image Credit:willsaveworldforgold.com

Teenage Rampage's Hoard

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