Party Treasure

Bag of Holding Type IV


The item appears as a common sack cloth about 2ft by 4ft in size. The bag of holding opens into a non-dimensional space: its inside is larger than its outside dimension. Retrieving an item is a full round action.
Weight: 60 lbs; Capacity: 1,500 lbs; Volume: 250 cubic ft; Value: 10,000GP
Further Information.

Masterwork Heavy Mace
Longsword +2
Longsword +1
Shortsword +1
Masterwork Shortsword
Masterwork Flindbar

Breastplate +2
Chain Shirt +1

5XPotion of Cure Moderate Wounds
1XPotion of Comprehend Languages
oil of align weapons
oil of daylight
2x cure serious potion (taken)
Potions of Spider Climb (2),
Ointment of Conceal Scent (2 applications) (taken Goran),
Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds
Potion of Cure Serious Wounds
Alchemist’s Fire (2)
Antitoxin (2)
Unholy Water (2)

Wand of Endure Elements 22 ch
1 wand of Endure Elements 50 charges
Wand of Cure Moderate Wounds 15 Charges

2XScroll of Raise Dead
2X Scroll of Death Ward
2X Scroll of Restoration
scroll comprehend languages
2xscroll lesser restoration
2xscrolls remove paralysis
1 x scroll remove disease

Gold Monkey Face Ring of Nakresh 200 GP
Belt of Giant Strength +2
Ring of Protection +2
Ring of protection +1
Cloak of Resistance +1
Amulet ofNatural Armour +1
Holy Symbol of Nakresh
Small statuette of Nakresh in Monkey Form 1 500 GP
Monkey Ring (Goran)
Belt of dex +2

03/10/2017 55,000 / 5 = 11,000 gps per character
IOU Sabu Thet 5000 gps for raise dead scroll components.
Gold Ingots 3000 GP
1361 gps
7 SP
11 CP

Mwk Thieves’ Tools (+2 Disable Device)
Phylactery (empty)
Sand Wyrm Poison Sacks

Writing Materials for the lost Library of Thoth:
32 Parchments (0 Hardness, 2 HP, Break DC of 5 – Has 1 more HP than paper)
2 Scroll Boxes (Holds 10 indexed scrolls, move action to retrieve. Watertight)
3 Scroll Cases (Holds 4 or more scrolls – Move action to retrieve 1 of 4, full round if >4 held inside)
4 Sticks of Sealing Wax (in case we need to make a scroll case watertight)
8 One ounce vials of Black Ink
4 One ounce vials of different Coloured Inks
3 Ink Pens (In case the first 2 break or more than one person needs to write at the same time)
2 Vials of Glowing Ink (Can be read in normal and magical darkness but not supernatural darkness)
Marker Dye (Can be used in conjunction with Glowing Ink to make Glowing Marker Dye, lasts 2 Weeks)
1 Vial of Light Fire Ink (Destroys itself 1 minute after contact with light – 10 Uses)
5 half pound bags of powder (To dry the ink – Can also be used to find invisible folk or mark areas)


The Bag of Holding was gifted to Arcael and The Oooze by Alexei Splitleaf of Allain

Party Treasure

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