Masterwork Telescopic Ten Foot Pole

A rogue's tool that can also be used as a reach weapon


This item is specially crafted by a secret guild of rogue mechanics in the Despotate of The Ruby Sea. It is designed to supplement a rogue’s Disable Device skills from a distance and can be used by any rogue with the Trapfinding class ability. All attempts to use Disable Device gain a + 2 agility bonus that also confers a + 2 dexterity bonus to any Reflex Save that is required as a result of a Disarm Trap or Device failure.

The ten foot length is instantly achieved by the swift action pressing of a button and the conferred bonus can be used in conjuntion with any other tools. For example, bonuses will stack with Masterwork Theives’ Tools.

Furthermore, in the hands of any rogue, the pole can be used as a light weapon with the Trip ability without the usual -4 imposed on improvised weapons. For the purpose of using the pole as a weapon it is considered a masterclass weapon doing 1d6 damage, scores double damage on a natural 20 as a critical hit and has a range increment of 10 feet. Any successful hit will allow an automatic Trip attempt that does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Value: 2000 GP

The Elfmarked rogue, Goran has one of these in his possession.


Masterwork Telescopic Ten Foot Pole

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