Elven Curve Blade of Vairn Constiain + 1

Ancestral Elven two handed blade


The blade is of hardened steel that shines as silver but that glows orange in the presence of LEY LINES. The Hilt is decorated in the scarlet and violet colours of the vanquished house of VAIRN CONSTIAIN, and is sprinkled with sapphires around a dragon head pommel.

This essentially larger version of a scimitar, but with a thinner blade, is very rare and requires Exotic Weapon Proficiency: Elven Curve Blade to be used without incurring a -4 penalty. (Weight: 7 lbs Damage: 1d10 Crit: 18 – 20 x2)

The wielder gains a +2 circumstance bonus to CMD whenever an enemy attempts to sunder and, although it isn’t a light weapon, the wielder may utilize Weapon Finesse to apply a DEXTERITY modifier instead of a STRENGTH modifier to attack rolls.


The Elven Curve Blade of Vairn Constiaine was most undoubtedly made by ancient Elven craftsmen and although its exact lineage is uncertain, Falathar has been told by his elders that it has felled many enemies and even slain a dragon.

Powers of the blade include the following:
Enhancement + 1
Detect Ley Line
Nurian Vitality
Bite of the Eala

Detect Ley Line:
In the vicinity of one mile from any LEYLINE, the normally silver metal of the blade glows with an orange glow.

Nurian Vitality:
The power of a LEYLINE grants the wielder the power to heal himself. Within the proximity of 1 mile from any LEYLINE, the wielder can heal himself for 1d8 Hit Points for a total of 3 times per day as a Move Action, provided the blade makes a DC15 Caster Level check, using its CL9. A roll of a natural 1 causes Leyline Backlash (See MCS p21 and ignore any result that is not relevant)

Bite of the Eala:
At any time on confirmation of a CRITICAL HIT, the blade glows red for an instant and delivers 1 point of BLEED damage to the opponent in addition to normal damage dealt. This BLEED damage carries on every round until either magically healed or stopped by a DC12 HEAL CHECK. Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to this effect.

Aura: Necromancy Caster Level: 9th Weight: 7 lbs Cost: 4,200 GP

Elven Curve Blade of Vairn Constiain + 1

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