Dark Bubble Figurine

Nine Inch Tall Obsidian Figurine


This 9 inch tall obsidian figurine is in the shape of a dark humanoid with spider-like head dress.

Aura: Moderate Transmutation and Conjuration CL14

When activated by the WORD: “Selvetarm” inscribed on the base of the figurine, a Spellcraft Check of DC20 or UMD check of 25 is required to create or destroy a bubble of etherealness in a 20′ × 20′ area linked to the Prime Material plane. Only one bubble can exist at a time.

The command creates an ethereal bubble where all items and creatures other than the caster and any creatures/objects they are touching are sent into the ethereal bubble. This is identical but not linked to the actual ethereal plane. It is more like a small extra dimensional plane, but any creature that has the ability to move through these planes (e.g. blink, etherealness, ethereal jaunt) can move in and out of the bubble with ease. Those who cannot are trapped in the bubble until the wielder releases the command, bringing the contents back into the material plane in the 20 × 20′ area around the figurine. There is air to breathe in the bubble and this is supernaturally replenished, but food and water is not available.

A single charge is used to create a bubble and a single charge is used to burst the bubble. Spellcraft or Use Magic Device check failure does not expend a charge but renders the item unusable for 24 hours. After the final charge is used, the item crumbles into dust.

Craft Wondrous Item, Ethereal Envelope, Ethereal Jaunt- Cost: 15,000 GP


Dark Bubble Figurine

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