Bridle of the Leviathan

Ancient Artifact for Controlling Gargantuan Creatures


This ornate and expensive magical item has passed through countless hands and is made of smooth links of polished mithril with chips of sapphire and ruby. The whole device is 20 feet long with a split section of double links and larger links to hold a bit, which is missing.


It is believed it was made to tame either the Isonade (otherwise known as Leviathan) or to control dragons. As a work of jeweller’s art it is worth at least 5,000 GP but its magical power is even greater than this. The Bridle of the Leviathan can be used to charm creatures of Gargantuan, Colossal or even greater size. To use it, the bridle must be wrapped around a limb, neck, tentacle, or other protuberance of the target creature. The creature is entitled to a saving throw each round the bridle remains attached. After a saving throw fails, the creature is charmed and obeys the bridle owner with reasonable requests.

The effects of the bridle are permanent unless cancelled by a Break Enchantment, Dispel Magic, Limited Wish, Miracle, Remove Curse or Wish, or unless the bridle is removed from the affected creature.

Aura: Strong Enchantment Caster Level: 18 Slot: None Weight: 10lb Price: 30,000 GP

P.S: One of these rare items was discovered by Schmidt Happens and sold to the Geomancer Simez Rothgazzi

Bridle of the Leviathan

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