Bloodwood Flute of Elric Stradivarius

Finely crafted flute made of Bloodwood

musical instrument

This finely crafted flute was made by master craftsman and musician, Elric Stradivarius of Lecova. He was well renowned in the Seven Kingdoms and made several wood instruments, returning to Zobeck in his old age. The Flute of Lecova is the last instrument Elric made before old age and senility set in and he returned to the village of his birth as a recluse.


The Bloodwood Flute of Elric Stradivarius is the last known instrument of its kind to be made in Zobeck and it is believed the old man took it with him when he went to live in his village of birth, Lecova (just south of The Old Margreve).

It confers + 3 (Perform Wind Instruments) to its wielder.
It also confers + 1 STATUS to ONE OTHER person after Elric. (Permanent)
It’s magical power is + 1 Resistance conferred to the wielder any time it is played.

It is finely carved so that its value is 1,450 GP.

(See also Bloodwood Tree)

P.S: This unique item is currently under the possession of Truman Click

Bloodwood Flute of Elric Stradivarius

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