Amulet of Recall of the Arcane Collegium

Immediate Action Magic of Last Resort


Honoured Members of the Arcane Collegium are given this item developed by Arcanists in association with priests of the Temple of Rava. It will always “teleport” to a safe room in the College.


This amulet of finely engraved gold can be used as an immediate action by the named wearer only. At the instant of death or loss of consciousness or at any other time chosen by the wearer, the spirit of the wearer can evoke its properties such that it instantly transports the wearer back to a safe room in the Arcane Collegium of Zobeck. This power operates on all planes unless any special restrictions negate the use of Divine Magic or unless specific actions have been taken to prevent its use. It does not prevent death although its powers of teleportation may operate immediately on death at the request of the player. Use of the Amulet is not hindered by Ley Lines.

Apart from the above, it functions in all other aspects as the sixth level clerical spell Word of Recall .

The Amulet is Destroyed on Activation and is typically NEVER replaced.

P.S: The sorcerer Arcael has been granted one of these rare gifts.

Amulet of Recall of the Arcane Collegium

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