Ziv the Sly

Nefarious Human Criminal Gangleader


Ziv the Sly is well known for his slick good looks and his uncanny ability to know what’s going on at any time in the dark underbelly of Zobeck. He wields a magical blade which most believe to be poisoned, but he somehow seems to keep out of trouble.


Ziv the Sly is a shady character often seen hanging around The Silk Scabbard. He is known by the clientelle there to be a well connected criminal but he is not affiliated to either THE CLOVEN NINE or THE REDCLOAKS, even though he is known to control a largely Kobold gang. Quite who he works for is a mystery but it seems he is never short of coin, so people don’t really question him, and he never seems to step on the CLOVEN NINE’s toes.

He prides himself on knowing the “rogue” rogues of Zobeck and as such has befriended the mystical dancer, Goran, member of Arcael and The Oooze, even although Goran’s own friends do not seem to know where he might have met such a shady character.

Ziv the Sly

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