Zheng Zhilong

Dragonkin owner of The Sun and Circle in Harkesh


This regal figure, resplendant in fine costume and almost noble bearing, is a highly respected dignitary in Harkesh, with a noted reputation as a victorious seafaring general and erstwhile pirate.



After years of successful pirating on both the Middle and Ruby Seas, Captain Zheng Zhilong, searching for ever more glory, was persuaded to join the Mharoti Navy as both Ship Captain and General. Many were his victories in the campaigns against the Seven Cities, but eventually, he gave up his days of warfare to open the largest Tavern in all of the Empire, the magnificent haven of soldier, sailor, trader and noble alike, The Sun and Circle. With its name taken from the sun as “giver of light”, and the circle of VELES as “giver of life”, and with the wealth of countless years of piratery and military victory poured into its construction, it is a marvel among the world of taverns.

Behind all of it, is the brute force of nature that is Zheng Zhilong, with his private army of Edjet warriors and sorcerers, and his solid friendships with the Dread Sultan, the Castellan Satarah al-Beldestani and indeed many of the great nobles of the Empire. He is known and recognised throuhout the city. Loved by dragonkin, admired by kobolds and respected by all inhabitants of the city.

Zheng no longer fights and carries not even a single weapon, enforcing the same rule throughout his establishment, apart from his own private guard who maintain security within the tavern. He is rumoured to have been one of the greatest living fighters ever to serve in the military forces of the Empire, and even the Dread Sultan has his respect.

Zheng is usually always accompanied by his personal Witch Drake, Shi Lang. Not much is known about this tiny drake that will often be found perching on Zheng’s shoulder, but it speaks several languages, and is said to be highly intelligent as well as being capable of casting some pretty high level spells.

Zheng Zhilong

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