Zandramas Pendragon


Xavier Pendragons sister. From a young age has suffered from debilitating powers granted by The Great Old Ones. As she gets older these powers have increased in magnitude, she is also hunted by a sect that worships the great old ones and Xavier takes great pleasure in hunting these down.

Friends with Jafsa daughter of Yusra (Now Deceased)
Currently studying in the City of Sephaya under sponsorship of Azeleanara Perunisis.

Zandramas Pendragon is sponsored by Azeleanara Perunisis to attend the LENZIE ACADEMY in the town of Sephaya in the Duchy of Perunalia. This is the most prestigious Academy in Sephaya and therefore one of the foremost educational centres in the whole of Midgard.

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Zandramas Pendragon

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