Vizier Akil ibn Khaldun

Grand Vizier of Siwal


An elderly gentleman with direct authority from the Sultan himself, Akil ibn Khaldun is the hand of the Sultan in all things political and economical. He wears plain but good quality robes and is armed with a scimitar at all times. All who would visit the Sultan are first vetted by his Grand Vizier.



The Grand Vizier is a learned man – shrewd, erudite and yet also experienced in the arts of war, having spent some years in the military wing of the Cult of Thoth-Hermes. As a young man, he visited the Seven Cities and it is said won honour in battle with the minotaurs of Kyprion.

He has been serving as Grand Vizier for over fifteen years and has the absolute trust of the Sultan. He also has a good relationship with the High Priest of Thoth-Hermes, the Church of Aten, the White Necromancer, Kadir al-Shaba and many of the wealthy merchants of the city; knowing full well how many of these characters often play against each other in their jostle for power.

It is said he often does not see eye to eye with Abdul Bashir, the Trade Ambassador, who works directly under the High Vizier. Khaldun knows of Bashir’s allegiance to Ramon Marakesh and is not entirely approving of a merchant’s control of someone in high office. However, some also say that Khaldun feels this about all of his chief commanders.

What is not in dispute is the Vizier’s power and authority. With the Sultan preferring to spend more time in study than governance, Akil ibn Khaldun can be said to be the ipso facto ruler of the Garden City of Siwal.

Vizier Akil ibn Khaldun

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