Vasili Volti

Ill mannered kobold tavern owner based in The New Foreigners' Ghetto


This mean spirited kobold tavern owner wears good quality clothing, but usually second-hand or extracted from a client in lieu of services or debts. He is disliked by both his staff and his customers but any complaints bring immediate unfair justice at the hands of his dragonkin ruffians.



Vasili Volti was a gambler who made good and bought himself into a position by way of secret deals and bribes. He is on good terms with Commissioner Rosa Klebb and has firm contacts with The Cold Diggers Union. He has owned the poorly rated tavern Seggotan’s Rear for over ten years and runs it at extortionate profits, paying his staff poorly, not spending much on maintenance, and not caring too much about the quality of the food and ale served in his establishment.

He maintains his position through a secret deal with the Commissioner, rumoured membership of The Tender Wing (a clandestine branch of The Cold Diggers Union), and the support of a band of ruffian dragonkin with “constable” status, and has begrudging support of his clientelle only because there is no alternative tavern within the New Foreigners’ Ghetto.

He takes no complaints, and is quick to bring any complainers, dissenters or arguing customers to the attention of his “constables”, who will eagerly drag any such “offenders” to the kangaroo court of Delilah Ali.

Vasili Volti

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