Svelt and Suave proprietor of the Silk Scabbard


Tyron is tall and thin and usually wears a long coat and narrow-brimmed felt hat. He is a good looking middle aged man who wears only the finest of clothing and carries himself with dignity and calm interest.



Tyron is the owner of The Silk Scabbard, a no nonsense ‘den of excess’ tavern that is said to run with the approval and protection of the trade oligarch. Tyron runs a brothel and regular games and sees the occasional brawl as a cost of doing business. There is always a bouncer on duty, usually Atsen, a barrel-chested bouncer with thick accent and thicker forearms.

Some people say that Tyron works for Lord Graymark and indeed his bar is sometimes frequented by some of the well-to-do nobles who like to gamble and dally with the “girls”. He is a very young looking man for his years and some say this is because he has “Elven” blood, but he denies this, saying his good looks are due to the charmed life that his patrons provide for him.


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