Tovrin Darnel

Young Human Male Rogue of the City of Zobeck


Dashing, good-looking and young. 16 year old Tovrin Darnel is a bit of a heart-throb around the lower docks and in the inns and taverns of that section of town. Although he never seems to have any permanent job, he is always well-dressed, and loves the ladies, although he is well-liked by most people.



Tovrin is just 16 and was an ex-pick pocket before trying to turn his life around, after he was caught once and, due to his young age, offered a second chance by the Local Sheriff. He usually hangs around the Dock District but lives in a modest room in Lower Zobeck. He survives by doing “this and that” and is very popular with the ladies, due to his charm and good looks.

Although Arca Domina does not like many men, she seems to have a soft spot for the boy. (It was actually her father that caught the boy Tovrin when he tried to steal from the old man, and so perhaps she feels for him a bit more than she would normally.) Over the last few years Arca Domina and Tovrin Darnel have become quite good friends, and he is usually a good source of information for what is “happening” around the docks.

Tovrin Darnel

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