Toothy Grimm

Wise cracking kobold frequenting The Wheatsheaf Tavern


Toothy and his brother Eeval are regulars at The Wheatsheaf Tavern in Lower Zobeck. Although they live in the Ghetto, they spend most of their time in the Tavern and seem to have an account with Carla Siccone who says they were old friends from her first years in Zobeck, although many people believe they are representatives of the notorious kobold gang, The Redcloaks.



The Brothers Grimm are often found together in and around Lower Zobeck. Of the two, Toothy seems to be of slightly higher status than Eeval, although they are both jovial and quick-witted, and apparently well-liked by many of the kobolds who visit this bar. They get on well with their human comrades and take care never to cause any trouble.

Since their return from Siwal, Toothy seems to be spending a lot of time with Goran, plying him with questions about The Southlands and what he did there. He also seems to have developed a special relationship with the dragonkin Karn Gudin.

Toothy Grimm

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