Tolot the Toothless



An old man, toothless, clad in simple garb, never armed, but always alert, Tolot can often be found in the coffee houses and spice bars of the city when he is not in his high tower.



The Minarets of Ancient Dust are a series of towers belonging to a collection of buildings housing many of the most revered and venerable servants of the city. It is here that one might expect to find many old merchants who have tired of plying their trade and are looking for a quieter life in the city. It is also here that one might expect to find old retired generals, honoured veterans, whose activities are minimal, but whose advice is often sought by people in the know – powerful people, influential people, those working for and against the establishment. Here is the place where old adventurers in Siwal congregate and share ancient tales with each other, sipping tea and coffee in the many parlours dotted throughout the area.

It is within the Minarets of Ancient Dust that the old Sorcerer Tolot resides. “Tolot the Toothless” he is called by some, but not to his face. A kindly old man, he is usually left alone to his chess games and huka pipes in his favourite cafeterias. He will otherwise be found in his minaret, attended by his young apprentice, Fakir.

Not much is known about him other than he was a great adventurer in his day, but it is rumoured that he had a great friendship with the Grand Vizier and that he remains close to Vizier Akil ibn Khaldun to this day, performing errands of a divinational nature, and generally keeping an eye on the city from his high tower.

The Old Man, Tolot, died under mysterious circumstances around the time of the first gig of Arcael and The Oooze at the Bluewater Inn.

Tolot the Toothless

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