Tinky Fishwater

Kobold Night-time Gatekeeper to the Triolan Quarter


Tinky is a particularly nasty and extremely ugly kobold. He has no real friends although many people pretend to be friendly, due to his position. He is notably gruff and speaks in a horribly raspy voice.



It is the duty of the Night-time Gatekeeper to challenge the free flow of inhabitants in and out of the gate at night, while at the same time making exceptions for important people and city guards. All Triolan residents are supposed to be back in the ghetto after dark but it is also understood that sometimes people of high prestige have late business elsewhere in the city, a fact usually eased by the surreptitious passing of gold coin.

A good bribe will usually gain passageway through the gate, but sometimes, particularly if Tinky is in a bad mood or really dislikes someone, he will even refuse gold, if he can make his intended victim squirm. When all is said and done, a blow of his whistle will bring at least two guards within 3 to 6 (1d4+2) rounds, and unless someone is an important person with a Trade Permit and a good reason for being out and about at night, there is always good cause for arrest.

His brother Ransitt Fishwater is the Night Harbour Master of Harkesh, and the two communicate regularly.

Tinky Fishwater

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