Talvin Singh

Popular Man of Letters of Siwal


Always regaled in opulence and always busy with his “community work”, Talvin Singh is a man of letters who bases his work at Ye Olde Darakhul. It is said he works for all men and he will often be found in the courts of the palace, arguing the case of the common man. He is never armed and openly declares his revulsion of violence, but it is believed he has some arcane ability, and it also rumoured that he is the primary public face of the most powerful underworld guild, The Sand Corsairs.



It is true that Talvin Singh is a man of letters serving the common man. Not just humans – he will work for dwarf, hera, gnoll or even elfmarked, and he has several scribes and officers of court that work for him. It could also be true that he is the public face of the master criminals of The Sand Corsairs but nobody would suggest such a thing in public.

However, if one is convinced to believe the rumours and that someone wants to make contact with the “dark side” of Siwal, then it may not be such a bad idea to seek a private audience with Talvin Singh. He is, of course, very busy with “community work” so it may be that an interested party would have to speak to one of his scribes or make an appointment to see Mr Singh himself, but it is said that he turns no person away.

He lives in a well guarded mansion to the South of the Palace in one of the better areas of the city but he strictly does not do any business at his residence, which is continually guarded by the Town Watch and is said to be watched from above by an invisible sand drake.

Talvin Singh

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