Tad Familiar

Able Secretary of Alexei Splitleaf


Tad Familiar is a tall man, impeccably attired at all time and was a notoriously good swashbuckler in his earlier years. He is a dedicated and loyal servant of Alexei Splitleaf of Allain but runs his administerial operations from an office in the College District, quite close to The Book Fetish.



Mr Familiar is a human of Septime descent and it is said he was once a captain of a ship used in the wars of the Seven Kingdoms, although he never talks about this. In his time in Zobeck he has been more noted for his steadfast attention to detail as part of the entourage of people serving Alexei Splitleaf.

As part of his duties, he has excellent ties with The Arcane Collegium, The Bargeman’s Fellowship and the Geargrinders’ Guild and he has made it his place to be on friendly terms with some of the important people related to those interests. As such, he is friends with Tinker Watson of the Geargrinder’s Guild, Gustav Reinke of The Book Fetish, and self titled “Barge King”, Sundran Karesh of the Bargeman’s Fellowship.

He is responsible for most of the accounting and paperwork pertaining to the business interests of Alexei Splitleaf, although has also recently been given responsibility to oversee one of his master’s newer, more artistic interests, the sponsorship of Arcael and The Oooze.

Tad Familiar

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