Sultan Tayeb Al-Mamun

Supreme Ruler of the Garden City of Siwal


The Sultan of Siwal is a squat man in his fifties, accustomed to finery, and always garbed in the most exquisite silks and fine cloth. He is usually only seen at public events and seldom leaves the confines of his palace unless it is to spend time in private quarters within the library temple of Thoth-Hermes.



The Sultan is interested in science and learning more than in commerce and politics, and it is for this reason that he allows most of his public engagements to be officiated by his grand vizier, Akil ibn Khaldun. The Sultan himself usually feels burdened by the rituals of hospitality and is more at ease when he is pondering over old books and scrolls or taking lessons from some of his many advisors.

Nonetheless, as a keeper of peace within the wild desert, he is well respected by the populace, well supported by the Church of Thoth-Hermes, and expertly advised by his Grand Vizier.

Sultan Tayeb Al-Mamun

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