Snakey Slithers

Kobold Wizard and link to the Kobold Ghetto


One will often find Snakey Slithers in a smokey corner of Ye Old Darakhul where he ponders over his books and appears to take little interest in his surroundings. But his ears are sharp and his eyes are alert, since although he is known for his accomplished arcanic skills, he is also the main link to the Kobold Ghetto in Siwal. He is usually dressed in fine robes and swills most excellent wine in his golden goblet. His gnoll friends are never too far away.



Snakey Slithers is not your average kobold. He is shrewd and cunning, like the rest, but he is also extremely intelligent and well motivated, having been personally sponsored by Great Rastus, King of Kobolds to study at the Library Temple of Siwal to become the most revered kobold wizard in all of Siwal.

He is good friends with both Ragged Tooth Ralph and King Rastus himself, and can easily arrange a kobold scouting party to help any band of adventurers, if the price is right. Mostly, though, he ponders over his books, as his thirst for knowledge and power is unquenchable.

The Kobold Community of Siwal generally refer to themselves as The Sand Lizards of Siwal.

Snakey Slithers

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