Sky Drake

Eternal guardians over the City of Harkesh


This large-winged draconic creature floats like a cloud in the sky and yet is capable of great speeds in the air. It is not vulnerable to normal winds and can even remain aloft in a storm. Magical winds may affect it but it gets a + 4 saving throw against any magical wind effects.


The sharp eyes of the Sky Drakes keep a constant lookout over the city of Harkesh. There will always be drakes in the air, day and night, such that any killing that occurs in the open air automatically has a 10% chance of being spotted and drawing attention. Sky drakes are at home in the air and rarely come down to land, preferring to inform the Dragonkin soldiers to deal with things. However, they are able fighters on land and also have excellent swimming abilities, being able to hold their breath underwater for long periods of time.

They report under the command of the Dread Sultan, usually through some other Captain or General, but although they may see many activities, they are loathe to report everything they see to a higher command, unless they feel it is of utmost importance. Random killings and attacks in the streets, if spotted, are usually reported to the local Guard, and a group of Edjet soldiers will usually be sent to investigate.

They have sharp vision, excellent low-light vision, and darkvision extending to 120’. It is even rumoured that they can see invisibility.

Sky Drake

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