Sir Henry de la Zouche

Keen-eyed scribe and head administrator for Lord Aaron von Schmidt


With his eagle eye and slightly crooked smile, Sir Henry has a bird-like appearance and always seems to be perching over a book with a quill in his hand. He is a notorious note-taker and expert scribe, wearing fashionable garments and good quality boots.



Sir Henry is the chief administrative assistant of Lord Aaron Von Schmidt and he takes his job seriously. All of the Lord’s books are kept by Henry and he is the face and voice of the lord in his absence. Even with his bird-like appearance, he commands great authority and yet does not appear pompous. He usually operates from an office right next door to his Lord’s apartments in the College District. He never drinks but sometimes may be found in the The Book Fetish, seemingly finding the kind of works that nobody else seems to find.

He is usually the person that will deal directly with any of Lord Aaron’s patrons and he has both the administrative power and the purse strings to act on the Lord’s behalf on all day to day business, as well as important executive decisions when the Lord is unavailable (which is quite often).

Sir Henry de la Zouche

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