Simon Taylor

Human Drunken Bum of Lower Zobeck, erstwhile slave of the Canton Dwarves


Simon Taylor is an unkempt specimen of a man, continually drunk and usually found in or near the Wheatsheaf Tavern of Lower Zobeck. He has a permanent limp from an old cursed war wound gained while fighting Canton Dwarves many years ago.



Simon Taylor is 42 years old but to most seems older, though he was once a proud but over zealous adventurer. Many years ago he tried to steal from the Ironcrag Dwarves of Winterheim but was caught, wounded by a cursed blade and kept as a slave for 12 years before being released. Since his return to Zobeck about 12 years ago, he has been on a downward spiral and is now to be found in a continual but varying state of drunkenness in or around The Wheatsheaf Tavern.

Quite where he lives or how he survives is unknown to most. Some say that he receives money from an old adventurer ally but most people believe he barters information. He has many stories of the Ironcrag Canton of Winterheim, both its dark slave pits and its glittering wealth, and he is close enough to hear many secrets whispered in his local haunt.

He is friendly with many of the people of Zobeck, one of them being a young paladin called Lord Flasheart and another being a young kobold rascal by the name of Spikey Jonze.

Simon Taylor

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