Simez Rothgazzi

Powerful Wizard and Geomancer of the Noble House Rothgazzi


With a finely trimmed beard and dressed usually in exquisite green cloth adorned by emerald studded jewellery, Simez is a handsome man who is given high regard by both residents of the town as well as wizards and sorcerers throughout Midgard.



Simez of the Royal House Rothgazzi is Master of the High Order of Geomancers and one of the major players in the coastal town of Barsella on the Western Coast of Midgard. He is both head of one of the most influential organisations in Midgard (High Order of Geomancers) as well as chief representative of one of the Founding Families of the city.

Simez resides either at the Jade Palace (an upmarket brothel), the TOWER OF THE HIGH ORDER OF GEOMANCERS, or at his sumptuous home in the rich merchant district of the city. He is often armed and, according to rumour, always guarded by his invisible servants, led by his pet Invisible Stalker. He has many contacts with important aristocracy through the major cities of Midgard, including the Dwarves of Templeforge, Lord Aaron Von Schmidt of Zobeck and Her Royal Highness Imperatrix Regia Moonthorn Kalthania-Reln vonn Dornig.

Schmidt Happens met with Simez Rothgazzi on an errand for LORD AARON that led to further adventures in the WEST and BEYOND. He holds the group in high esteem since their deliverance of the Book of Vael Turog.

Simez Rothgazzi

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