Main contact for The Merchants of Venice


Shylock is a secretive man but when seen in public is always well dressed and unarmed.


He is the main contact for The Merchants of Venice, an unscrupulous Thieves’ Guild that operates separately from The Brotherhood and is based in Ye Olde Salty Snail in the Triolan Quarter.

The usual way to get to meet with Shylock is to quote poetry while in the main bar. Most customers in this bar have a distinct dislike of poetry and this sort of activity will always draw unfriendly stares. Continuation of such activity will be met with strong requests to immediately stop. However, this will always be noted by Mr Tommy Visconti, who will make contact with the “poet” and make the arrangments for that person to meet with Shylock.

Shylock has met once with The Oooze, offering some help in finding Kamal Assante but not accepting any payment for this. He is also on very good terms with Goran, and will often invite him round for dinner and drinks, exchanging views of businesses and guilds.


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