Shamira Shahimila

Beautiful Tavern Owner and Priestess of Isis


Shamira is a an non affiliated priestess of Isis who now runs a popular tavern in the Garden City of Siwal. She dresses in fine robes and is adorned by many jewels. Being a healer, she never carries any weaponry but it is whispered that in her previous life as a Priestess in the Temple of LAKSOR, she was no stranger to the scimitar.



Shamira is the popular owner manager of The Staff and Scimitar, famous for its refreshing beer with rumoured powers of healing, its spiced spirits and its famous outdoor garden. In her youth she spent many years at Isis’s SCHOOL OF HEALING in the city of LAKSOR on the River Nuria and is rumoured to have partaken in many evangelistic missions throughout NURIA NATAL in the service of her deity.

The gates of the Staff and Scimitar are open well into the night and although there is not much in the way of musical and theatrical entertainment, the bar’s beautiful serving wenches are legendary thoughout the SARKLAN DESERT and many a weary traveller will make The Staff and Scimitar his first port of call, to languish in the walled garden and survey the beautiful scenery.

She gives as much aid as she can to the current resident Priestess of Isis, Jafsa daughter of Yusra.

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Shamira Shahimila

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