Semillion Chardonnay

Female Human Cleric of Rava


Red-haired and fiery-spirited, Semillion is a popular Cleric administering to the sick and needy as part of the Church of Rava. She usually wears the smocks of a healer but whenever ceremony calls, she is proud to wear her battle armour and regalia.



Semillion Chardonnay is a low ranking cleric of the Temple of Rava. She lives and works in the Temple District of Zobeck and tends to the sick when they present themselves at the Temple for healing. She is particularly skilled in treating weapon wounds.

For the last few years, she has been given a minor rank over the Gearforged assistants that the Church has been acquiring to help ministering to sick and needy, and it was through this position that she became acquainted with Truman Click. Starting out as a superior to the new Gearforged adept, over they years, they have cemented a close friendship.

Semillion Chardonnay

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