Male Half-Dragon Lizardfolk Fighter


With his shining mail coat, magical morning star, demonic wings and pet monitor lizards, the Kobold Ghetto gang leader, Scaler, is fearsome to behold. Ruthless and awe inspiring, yet a keen lover of music, the propietor of SCALER’s ALLEY, is reknowned and feared throughout the Ghetto.



Scaler keeps his rule over the ALLEY by reputation as a despotic leader of a savage gang of goblins that govern the trap infested SCALER’s ALLEY. The place is littered with the bones of its victims and infested with traps of all types, set up by the goblins to create a gauntlet of horrors that almost no enemy can traverse.

Only the drunkest of koblolds stray anywhere near the alley and many of them end up as meat for Scaler’s pet monitor lizards. Those in the know are aware that Scaler holds several key secret passages under his control, one of them leading into the very centre of THE CARTWAYS.

Arcael and The Oooze survived the alley and made their way into the Cartways by negotiating with Scaler and promising to write and perform a song about him.


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