Ransitt Fishwater

Kobold Night Harbour Master in Harkesh


Ransitt is a corrupt official who works the night shift at the harbour. He knows all of the ingoings and outgoings of all ships and is prepared to divulge information or make cargo changes for coin. He has flaky skin, and always wears a bright red whistle.


The Night Harbour Master is generally a caretaker through the night, but also a reckoner with comprehensive knowledge of all ships, cargoes, crews and shipments travelling through the port of Harkesh. He is usually alone in his little hut but can quickly summon either one of the two harbour dragons if he feels there is any real danger. However, he does not like to do this, preferrring to keep his harbour secrets to himself.

This corrupt official will deal with anyone of any race without asking questions, but he will not subject himself to scrutiny by the Authorities, and will always deny any wrongdoing or any part of illegal deals.

His brother Tinky Fishwater is the Night-time Gatekeeper at the Triolan Quarter, and the two communicate regularly.

Ransitt Fishwater

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