Ramon Marakesh

Leading city merchant and collector of Mysteria


The dark brooding face of Ramon Marakesh is permanently offset by the vivid colours of the finest fabrics available in Siwal. He moves and thinks quickly and is notoriously adept with the ancient elven curvesword he keeps at his side.



Marakesh is one of Siwal’s great trading moguls. He knows all of the bazaars of the city and is friendly with some of the most influential characters, including the high vizier, Akil ibn Khaldun and Master Gravebinder, Kadir al-Shaba. He owns three great sandships that are constantly shifting goods across the desert, has offices in most of the large cities of the land and virtually controls the Trade Ambassador of Siwal, Abdul Bashir.

Outside of his work, he is a keen collector of Mysteria and has recently made an alliance with Alexei Splitleaf of Allain, exchanging the sponsorhip of one of his own trusted explorer parties for the influence over a group from ZOBECK known as Arcael and The Oooze.

Ramon Marakesh holds office from a large building that is both his home and office. Many people work for him but he usually keeps himself to himself, staying out of reach in one of his high minarets or occasionally locked away in private rooms of the Library-Temple of Siwal, where he spends a great deal of time on his continual research.

In all matters where Marakesh is concerned, his personal advisor, Jim Al-Khalili, is usually the public face of his master, with power of attorney throughout the business and personal affairs of his master.

Ramon Marakesh

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