Ragged Tooth Ralph

Surly gnoll proprietor of Ye Olde Darakhul


The ever scowling furry face of Ragged Tooth Ralph can be seen on almost any visit to Ye Olde Darakhul, which he runs with a handful of aggressive gnolls assisted by some rather frightened but well paid humans. He is usually always in attendance at the bar and does not stand for trouble, having both his spears displayed prominently on the walls behind him and his trusted scimitar always ready behind the bar.



Ragged Tooth Ralph is one of the more prominent of the city’s 700-strong gnoll popluation, and one of its most influential. He does not particularly like humans, believing most of them to be weak and cowardly but he does like the life of being Master of the Tavern and the money and power that come with this title.

It is said he used to be a warrior of Chemeksa, the capital of the Gnoll kingdom of Dabu on the western edge of the Crescent Desert and quite how he acquired the ownership of Ye Olde Darakhul is unknown, but he has been in charge of the place for the last twenty years.

He is ably supported by a gang of gnolls who stay close to his side and is also seen as the representative of gnolls living within the City. For that reason, he is well known to Vizier Akil ibn Khaldun and indeed to many of the prominent businessmen in the city, who often rely on conscripting caravan guards and mercenaries for their desert trade exploits from the dark rooms of his tavern. One of Ralph’s most influential friends is the infamous black salt trader, Abdul Ali Hamsa, and although the merchant very rarely enters the tavern himself, his business associates are always given a good deal.

Ragged Tooth Ralph

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