Radu Underhill

A central player in the Cartways Black Market


In life, Radu was broad shouldered and athletically built, a well-coifed and groomed gentleman of means. He’s kept his ghoulish form in excellent condition, often passing for human in the proper light.



A known fixer and common sight in the CARTWAYS BLACK MARKET, Radu is a slaver, a businessman, a murderer, and a gentleman. Ever polite and unusually reliable for an undead, Underhill claims to be a sort of diplomat and liaison to the Ghoul Imperium. It is a claim no one has yet been willing to test.

SCHMIDT HAPPENS first met Radu in their search for Lady Ilyana Greymark. He assisted the party by informing them of her hiding place and by helping them to arrange a meeting with the Cloven Nine at which he had his DARAKHUL attack the Spyglass Guild and take LADY MARACK of The Blue House prisoner.

Radu Underhill

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