Priestess Yaa de Ville

Priestess of Yarela and Porevit


Priestess Yaa de Ville is usually seen dressed in green or brown hooded robes. She always carries with her the tools and implements of her trade as well as several symbols and products of nature. She offers her services willingly to all who would venerate nature.



Priestess Yaa is one of the more charismatic of the priests and priestesses of Yarela and Porevit in ZOBECK, although it is not sure who the head cleric is, even if there is one. It is rumoured by some to be a centaur called Ogolai Kiyat. The priests and priestesses of Yarela and Porevit do have offices in ZOBECK at their Temple in the Temple District, but much of the worship and rituals are conducted in various small shrines spread around on the outskirts of the city. Sometimes druids or priests tend to these shrines, sometimes not.

Priestess Yaa is friendly with The Black Bear of Effildawnan and she will occasionally visit him at his shrine, but she respects that his shrine is his own and doesn’t encourage her own congregation to visit. The fact that it is closer to The Old Margreve than most of the other shrines may also be a contributing factor to Bartiman’s shrine not being overrrun by city dwellers.

Priestess Yaa de Ville

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